Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actively injured

So after a wonderful summer of running, I am on the "active injured list" with another stress fracture of the tibia (lower leg near inside of ankle) . The good news is no boot OR crutches this time. The bad news it happened again and we aren't really sure WHY. I am using orthotics, I have the correct shoes (we think) and I thought I was eating enough calcium. My Dexa scan a year ago showed I had the bones of a 20 year old :) The doc wants me to eat 1600 mg of calcium daily so this will take some major juggling unless I can get some thru supplements.

I am supposed to keep up with my regular running schedule except do it in the pool or bike. So, luckily I am pool running. I feel it is a harder workout than on land but a whole lot more boring. I'll have to bring out some tunes or something soon!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotta love the running!

Wish I knew about running and the way it makes me feel 20 years ago.

Been training for the 1/2 Marathon, next one in November. Saturdays we do the long runs with the group. Still struggling with odd aches/pains and doing PT. There was a controversy over orthotics in Neutral or Stability shoes. I've been doing neutral and finally gave in to a new pair of Stability shoes. Saucony Guide which offers light stability. Ran 4 miles lastnight with them and the aches/pains are gone! Interesting. Saturday we do 9 miles with the group!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Half Marathon training begins!

This am, our first long run training session started. Gorgeous location in Charlottesville, and very shady. The cows, sheep and birds were doing their thing :)

We did a 2 mile warm up followed by a 5K time trial run. My mission was to do 29:05 and I did 29:18. Not bad, as I felt the hills were pretty challenging to say the least. We couldnt have asked for better weather - 60's and overcast. Perfect. Oh, and my orthotics were not as much of a issue as in previous runs! wooooo. Total with cooldown, 6 miles!

Let the season begin!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orthotics suck!

Finally got my custom made orthotics and they are very hard to get used to. I have run only 3 times with them and 3 miles is the most I can handle yet. I know there is a break in period....but at what point do you forget they are in your shoes?

Saturday morning I start with the Marathon group runs! woooo!

Check back then.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Still Running!

i know, I'm not a good blogger. I'm still doing PT weekly for IT band and foot issues, but also signed up for the 1/2 Marathon group runs starting in 2 weeks. I'm excited. ONLY downside is that they start at 6:15 am about 30-40 min away. (I am not a morning person)

Did Core for 2 weeks and gained 3 lbs. I think it was the fruit and increased legumes. Switched to South Beach once more and I feel at ease again. Down 4 lbs in less than a week. I have to learn to listen to what my body likes.

So, until 6/21 I'm running 3 days/week and swimming as much as I can...and lifting 2 nights.

I'll try to do better. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DC trip

MY PT has been going really well. I was able to do 5 miles on Sunday!

Monday and Tuesday we went with my sister and her husband to DC. Saw all the war memorials, and museums, statues, and the weather was incredible. We stayed at a hotel that was part of a University for the deaf. Very cool place.

Going to PT and try running again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

JMU Graduation day!

Our beautiful daughter graduated today and it was a wonderful day. Sunny, warm and fun for all. Very proud of our first graduate! :) She worked hard.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

foot/leg update

Okay, I havent posted in awhile cuz I havent done much running. I've been in PT now for 3 weeks. (oh and went to St. Thomas for 1 week)

PT is going well, but painful. Check out the bruises in the pix. The foot pain was being brought on because of a bigger problem. The ITB, hamstring, and calf muscle all attached at the Femoral bone which with me was in a locked down position causing pain whenever I tried to run more than 1 mile. PT has been wonderful to work on this - ultrasound, deep tissue massage (or what I like to call torture!) and E-stim.

I was able to do 3.5 miles lastnight which is huge after all this time. Hubby asked me if I'd signed up for another 1/2 Mary since I made THAT milestone! :) ha ha. (not yet, but I thought about it)

I've included a pix of St. Thomas too. Gorgeous location our hotel was in...lots or relaxing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

continuing saga of Robin's Foot

So, I have tendonitis in the foot. Big woop. Feels like more than that? I start PT tomorrow. I just know my therapist will yell at me for not having worn my custom orthotics I had made last December. BUT, I have a good excuse! I do! I was about to run Disney, then I was already geared up for the Shamrock 1/2...so I wasnt able to break them in right. So...I pay the price obviously.

Got new sneakers that are pretty and pink! Not something I thought I'd like, but I do! Saucony ProGrid Trigon 5...nice toe box and big enough to fit my orthotics :) Good deal.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Well, the preliminary reading shows NO stress fracture. Waiting to see what my doc says. (talked to his nurse) I'm shocked! It feels exactly the same... Good news, but weird! Perhaps it is tendonitis? dunno yet....Doc will call me tomorrow after the final reading....and see what else if anything they found. I'm floored really...and a little embarrassed that I was so insistant that it was the same thing. I had the swelling the same, ache the same! Everything! Weird.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saw doc today

Okay, so here is the deal. My leg issue is definately ITB...I can deal with that.

Foot is more than likely stress fracture. He did Xrays and there were 2 questionable areas....one a separation that's not right and a line that is questionable. Obvious I need an MRI for conclusive. He's hoping it's all "normal for me" which he wont know til he compares to the last Xray...and I just have Tendonitis...but thinks we are probably dealing with the stress fracture. It was 5pm, and the MRI people werent there to schedule, so he said his nurse will call me first thing tomorrow!

I told him I'm going to St. Thomas in a week and 1/2 and he said "gee, I think you will need close physician supervision!" ha ha. Funny guy.

If it IS stress fracture, then we need to see WHY I keep getting them and do some biomechanical testing of my gait and foot.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rut row

I have the tell-tale signs of another Navicular Stress fracture...same darn foot! Going to docs on Tuesday, but I am not happy about it. IF it is, back in the boot for 8 weeks and no weight bearing again! I'm trying not to stress about it (pun intended) til I know for sure - but it was THIS time last year too! I have one more race, Charlottesville 10 Miler next weekend.....we will see.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shamrock Half Marathon 2008

Shamrock 2008

This year we stayed at a hotel just five minutes from the start…so on such a windy and drizzly morning, it was nice to leave last minute to get to our corral. We met up with some of our friends that I run with weekly and were able to hang out for the 5-10 minutes before the race. Adelle was doing her first ½ and I was excited for her! Woooo.

My goal this year was just to beat my 2:12 of last years Shamrock, and not repeat the awful race we had in Disney! Thankfully, it was much cooler.

The rain stopped almost exactly as the race began at 7am sharp. We were in the last corral, but it moved quickly. Hubby and I had a plan to go out slow for the first 2 miles and then try to keep it under 10 minute miles after this. The people around us were so dressed up – it was really fun to see what people wear. Green wigs, shamrock tights, funny things on their heads – like big hats! One lady had a plastic bear bottle strapped to her back that was huge and had to be driving her crazy! Somewhere around mile 3 a man had a booth which served beer! Gotta love it, only at Shamrock. No, I didn’t have any.

Mile 4.5 I had my GU (chocolate outrage) in preparation for the water stop. Worked out well. Then we turned into the Army barracks. I noticed that not at many of the men and women were out this year cheering us on OR in the crowds on the street compared to last year. Perhaps the weather scared them off. The ocean on our left was really choppy and pretty to see!

Mile 6, the side of my right knee started to really hurt. By mile 7, I was really in pain and could think of nothing else….BUT we just ran up to the 2:15 pacers and I had to get ahead of them to make my goal. Hubby asked if I wanted to stop or walk…the answer is NO! Mile 8 I was truly hurting and slowed down a bit but still ahead of the pacers. . I was afraid to look back and see how close they were! Had another GU. Chocolate was yummy!

Back on the streets again, we had more of a crowd cheering. I think I zoned out for a bit, tried to listen to my iPod, but felt guilty for wearing it and found it more distracting today than good. Hubby asked at mile 10 or so what my intentions were – meaning keep this pace or kick it up a notch. I had no other notch, unfortunately…but I wanted to keep this pace (around 9:30’s) and try to kick it for the last ½ mile. Passed by the beer person again, contemplated a glass to maybe help my pain level in my leg…but was afraid it may make me nauseated. Energy wise, I was doing good (thanks to the GU I believe) but the darn leg was not happy!

We turned onto the boardwalk, and we picked up the pace The crowds were cheering and I even heard “look how fast they are still going!” from one person. Found that funny…and looked up to see NEPTUNE calling us in. Sooo happy to finish and stop running! Finish time was 2:09, 3 minutes and 19 seconds faster than last year! Woooo.

Today, I’m walking like a penguin and the side of my knee is a bit poofed out. Icing and going into the hottub is helping!

I know I’m not cut out to do full Marathons, and that’s okay. ½ Marathons make me happy and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I don’t need more than this!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

One year of Half Marathons!

17 days til my 4th Half Marathon. I will have come a full circle...Shamrock was my first and will be my 4th in one year! I've come so far this year and cannot wait to see what this next year brings! :) Of all the ones I've done this year, Shamrock stands out as my favorite to date. Not sure if it because it was my first, or my best, or the flattest....Let's see what 2008 brings. My goal is to beat 2:12.


Gotta find something decorative and green to wear for the run. Hoping hubby gets to do it with me. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's 5K

I had my best 5K today for Valentines Couples Race for Amnesty International.

My times:

I usually do 10 min miles or more...so this was fast for me!

Mile 1 = 8.26
Mile 2 = 8.22
Mile 3 = 8.57 (big hill!)

Hubby was faster. Dont know what our official time is yet...waiting for it to be posted.

Felt great!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

These socks RULE!

Well, I duno if it is the socks, but something is different again. I started wearing them Wednesday for the run, and my feet felt great and the run was good! Today, I ran the 9.6 miles and felt incredible for most of it....Even hubby said it looked like I had my stride back! WOOO. I havent felt that "normal" since before the stress fracture, so I'm thinking it was the socks. WHAT socks you say? Funny you should ask....http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/34627097.html

I know they are expensive, but incredible. I love the way the arch support feels too, and after dealing with a stress fracture in that area - it's important.

So, I repeat, the socks RULE!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Diet or Fuel....?

I am growing more and more frustrated by weight loss or lack there of. For over 2 years, I followed the WW points system only to continue gaining while running 20-25 mpw and crosstraining for a total of 6 days a week...and was hungry all the time! Recently I changed to follow the Nancy Clark guide for Marathoners. While I love being able to eat more and fuel my runs and xtrain days better, I have yet to loose a pound!

My body fat ratio has dropped in the last year, and even more so in the past 3 months - and to look in the mirror, I see a more lean me - but the scale still laughs at me daily! My mom calls me rugged! which is defined as: Having a sturdy build or strong constitution. hmmmmm. Is this good?

I have come to terms over the last few months with fueling my workouts and forgetting the scale, yet there are times (like weighing in at the docs) that the number on that scale just grates on my nerves. I even told the thyroid doc that his scale LIES! He just laughed at me and went on to explain how it was simply "a snapshot of the moment and not the full story" and "look how far I've come"...blah blah. :)

So for now, I'll continue to fuel my runs as I feel better during them... and I'll get on that stupid scale ....and I'll huff thru my shower knowing that the scale is laughing at me!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Planets were in alignment!

You know those runs when you feel that everything is just perfect? Well lastnight was one of those runs. Went with the group of women friends and it was wonderful. Weather was perfect, my blinking lights were working, my new jacket was just warm and reflective enough, I didnt feel the dizziness AND I got to try out my new headlamp! Very cool. (not to mention that the company was fun) We ran 5.25 according to my garmin and I was ready for more! :)

Tonight is the Spirit Of The Marathon movie in Richmond which will be very motivating. See website: http://www.marathonmovie.com/home.html.

Oh, and I just purchased this T-shirt which is so me! :)

Well, it does help the mal-de-debarquement. (dizziness) Go figure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My sister wrote this about her first 1/2 Marathon Experience.....

Whahooooooooooo I am happy to say I survived the Disney Half Marathon. 13.1 miles
I am sad to say they did not let me finish because I was two minutes passed the allowed time - but made it TO the Castle plus headed 2.3 miles back to the finish. I really wanted to keep going and I think I could have a least made it to 10 - but .. the bus was blocking the roadway - with a group of clapping cheering folks saying you did great.. but you are done :( the bus was full. John could have finished but he chose to stay with me. Never left my side.

My sister and her husband finished the race at a respectable time. We are all so proud of them. What a challenge!

We kept qualifying for the next mile - but only by seconds -they would come up and tell us..if you can speed it up.. you have 2 minutes to make it to the next marker - so we started running - and made it .. then the next battle for the next marker - I think my downfall was a steep hill..I lost my breathe - slowed me up a bit.. BUT
I got to pass the Contemporary, Main street, the Castle, Thunder Mountain and even the backlot to wave to Capt. Jack on the Pirate ship! My first 1/2 marathon ever - and I am living to tell about it! teehee... Johns also.
He could have cared less about going - he did it to be my partner - what a guy.

As you will see in our picture - my sister and her hubby - and myself and John - Brother in law awarded me his medal for going beyond the call of duty - beyond the "poll" of when I would drop out.. teehee or better yet when the stretchers would carry me off.. it was a beautiful and a heartfelt speech and it meant the world to me. I wore it the rest of the day :) Well, I finished at the 8.3 mark.. 2:20min then they made me quit. Maybe next time. ;)

Disney's Half Marathon 01/12/08

Saturday morning we were up at 3:15, dressed with food in hand at the Disney bus stop by 3:30. Got to the start area by 3:50 am. There we sat with thousands of others while a live band played. Around 5 ish, we stood in line for 30 minutes for the porta-pots and made our way to the corrals/start line. There were 19,000 runners doing the 1/2. We were in the last corral and last wave to go. The start officially was at 6am, we started at 6:25. Hanging with hubby, my sister and husband was fun and we have good memories of all that...joking on WHY exactly did we do this?

I wish I could put my finger on exactly what was wrong...getting up at 3:15, different foods, not 100% since the stomach flu, flying (dizzies)...but I was nauseated from the start and had to pee again by mile 1. The roadways were so crowded that it was hard to keep a good pace but we tried our best to mile 2 which was mostly roads blocked 1/2 off for us behind Epcot. We ran off the sidewalks into the wet grassy areas for much of it in the beginning and dodged walkers sometimes going 5 accrossed for some of it too. It was humid (for me at least) and I was getting more and more agitated with my nagging problems of nausea and having to pee! Even my shirt neck was choking me. I wanted to stop and go, but the porta pots had lines and I hadnt given up on my goal of 2:10 at this point.

By mile 6 I was ready to stop, but knowing that my poor parents had gotten up at 5:45 to go to the grandstand to see me, and were expecting me by 8:35 kept me going...I pictured them with my brother and his wife ready to cheer us on. By the time we reached The Magic Kingdom, we found a park bathroom and I felt a little better - and I ate a few Shot blocks to get some energy (I hoped) I was soaked thru with sweat. Hubby and I posed for a few pix hand in hand. Much of the run was a blur, but running thru Cinderellas castle was a highlight and down Main st. USA. People cheering, bands playing, signs being held up and in the back of my mind...my parents are waiting. One water stop, someone thru their water down right on my sneeker. (thanks) then further down the road, someone spit in my direction and I dodged that! ha ha. There were a few hills that were unexpected . Probably the last 3 miles Hubbys mantra to me was "you can do this, you've done this before, you're doing great - keep it going , your parents are going to be so proud....I'm proud of you..." all the while his knees are hurting and he's still running after NEVER going more than 8 miles before.

I was kicking myself for being so WUSSY. Once I realized that I wasnt going to make the time, I tried to relax and forget the whole TIME thing and just enjoy the experience and tried to zone out from all the problems I felt. So the last 2 miles, was walk running with grimacing pains...Hubby said to save the last in me for the grandstand so I'd look strong for the finish....again - with the self talk and pats on the back...what a guy. I could see the finish and I had to hold back the tears, the last 1/4 mile I found and energy in me that I had no clue I had and took off knowing my parents were cheering us on and Hubby took off after me completely blown away that I had it in me too! ha ha. Funny thing is, my parents NEVER saw us finish. Long story there, they didnt get into the grandstand, they were standing for 3 hours and with so many people finishing, they just didnt see us! NOOOOOOOOO. We limped towards the awards, got our gold Donalds! (so cool) and food and collapsed on the bus back to our resort! We met up with everyone soon after. So proud of my sister, what a huge accomplishment and Hubby too. He was/is my rock!! thanks for all your support!