Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 weeks of training begins

So my quest for Disney's Goofy marathon and a Half began this week with Mondays 4 mile run. My Xtraining will be pool running and elliptical for now.

As I begin to get more serious about my training, I'm also trying to get more serious about the fuel I eat and cut out whatever is not good for me - artificial sweetners and too much dairy. I've noticed that dairy and artificial sweetners tend to bloat me so bad my stomach is huge. Today I will eliminate these in hopes of fixing the problem and perhaps losing a few needed pounds.

Tonight - 4 miles in the pool - weather permitting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why I run...

My name is Robin, andI have suffered from MdDs since July 2004. I was 44 at the onset, and very active and healthy. Mine was a spontaneous onset, however, for a month before it came on I had traveled by plane to FL to help my sister thru a difficult surgery and was her private duty for 3 days without much sleep. After landing home, exhausted, I felt the rocking motion for about 48 hours and then it went away.

A month later, we drove to the beach 8 hours away. They have a shopping area with a floating bridge going over a waterway - I felt the sensation hit while walking on it and it hasn’t gone away.

I had a year of going to different doctors, trying several medications without help. Nasonex is the only medication that seems to help the symptoms a little.

I felt sorry for myself that year and became a couch potato. I did continue to work, but found myself growing more tired earlier in the day and by the end of the work day, I just plopped on the couch and prayed for things to stop moving.

After a long time of feeling sorry for myself, I decided it wasn’t going away with being a couch potato, so I got out and walked several miles a day. After a few days, I noticed the symptoms improved some. I kept going, and soon started running. The symptoms were a little better each day - tolerable levels.

Now I've run 6 half marathons with a respectable finish and will be training soon for my first Marathon in January 2010.

My life has changed in many positive ways, but I have to be careful what I do -as things still trigger the symptoms. Malls and other stores increase my symptoms as do jobs that require my eyes to move up and down frequently, shuffling cards sets it off, washing dishes, potatoes or such, and like many people - short car rides make it go away temporarily. I have also noticed that small amounts of wine will reset the symptoms when it gets bad! (after long car rides or airplane rides)

The positive side of this horrible affliction is that I'm now in better shape than I was at 25...and a much happier person. I have a great support system with my husband of 27 years and my 2 children who are amazing young adults now. Yes, this is something I think about daily, but I'm finding ways to cope. If this story helps one other person become more proactive and feel better, then I feel I've done a good thing :)

Rock on!

Robin (to learn more about this go to

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 months and counting

I know the Goofy Challenge is MONTHS away, but I'm mentally preparing as I search for training tips and ideas. Ahhhhhh! What did I do?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Quest for the Goofy Challenge

In a few months, I will begin training for the ultimate event - GOOFY. This is a Disney world event that includes a Half marathon on Saturday and Full marathon on Sunday. My plan now is to walk/run or run/walk both events...but thing change.

Am I crazy or just GOOFY!!?? Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actively injured

So after a wonderful summer of running, I am on the "active injured list" with another stress fracture of the tibia (lower leg near inside of ankle) . The good news is no boot OR crutches this time. The bad news it happened again and we aren't really sure WHY. I am using orthotics, I have the correct shoes (we think) and I thought I was eating enough calcium. My Dexa scan a year ago showed I had the bones of a 20 year old :) The doc wants me to eat 1600 mg of calcium daily so this will take some major juggling unless I can get some thru supplements.

I am supposed to keep up with my regular running schedule except do it in the pool or bike. So, luckily I am pool running. I feel it is a harder workout than on land but a whole lot more boring. I'll have to bring out some tunes or something soon!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotta love the running!

Wish I knew about running and the way it makes me feel 20 years ago.

Been training for the 1/2 Marathon, next one in November. Saturdays we do the long runs with the group. Still struggling with odd aches/pains and doing PT. There was a controversy over orthotics in Neutral or Stability shoes. I've been doing neutral and finally gave in to a new pair of Stability shoes. Saucony Guide which offers light stability. Ran 4 miles lastnight with them and the aches/pains are gone! Interesting. Saturday we do 9 miles with the group!