Thursday, January 24, 2008

Planets were in alignment!

You know those runs when you feel that everything is just perfect? Well lastnight was one of those runs. Went with the group of women friends and it was wonderful. Weather was perfect, my blinking lights were working, my new jacket was just warm and reflective enough, I didnt feel the dizziness AND I got to try out my new headlamp! Very cool. (not to mention that the company was fun) We ran 5.25 according to my garmin and I was ready for more! :)

Tonight is the Spirit Of The Marathon movie in Richmond which will be very motivating. See website:

Oh, and I just purchased this T-shirt which is so me! :)

Well, it does help the mal-de-debarquement. (dizziness) Go figure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My sister wrote this about her first 1/2 Marathon Experience.....

Whahooooooooooo I am happy to say I survived the Disney Half Marathon. 13.1 miles
I am sad to say they did not let me finish because I was two minutes passed the allowed time - but made it TO the Castle plus headed 2.3 miles back to the finish. I really wanted to keep going and I think I could have a least made it to 10 - but .. the bus was blocking the roadway - with a group of clapping cheering folks saying you did great.. but you are done :( the bus was full. John could have finished but he chose to stay with me. Never left my side.

My sister and her husband finished the race at a respectable time. We are all so proud of them. What a challenge!

We kept qualifying for the next mile - but only by seconds -they would come up and tell us..if you can speed it up.. you have 2 minutes to make it to the next marker - so we started running - and made it .. then the next battle for the next marker - I think my downfall was a steep hill..I lost my breathe - slowed me up a bit.. BUT
I got to pass the Contemporary, Main street, the Castle, Thunder Mountain and even the backlot to wave to Capt. Jack on the Pirate ship! My first 1/2 marathon ever - and I am living to tell about it! teehee... Johns also.
He could have cared less about going - he did it to be my partner - what a guy.

As you will see in our picture - my sister and her hubby - and myself and John - Brother in law awarded me his medal for going beyond the call of duty - beyond the "poll" of when I would drop out.. teehee or better yet when the stretchers would carry me off.. it was a beautiful and a heartfelt speech and it meant the world to me. I wore it the rest of the day :) Well, I finished at the 8.3 mark.. 2:20min then they made me quit. Maybe next time. ;)

Disney's Half Marathon 01/12/08

Saturday morning we were up at 3:15, dressed with food in hand at the Disney bus stop by 3:30. Got to the start area by 3:50 am. There we sat with thousands of others while a live band played. Around 5 ish, we stood in line for 30 minutes for the porta-pots and made our way to the corrals/start line. There were 19,000 runners doing the 1/2. We were in the last corral and last wave to go. The start officially was at 6am, we started at 6:25. Hanging with hubby, my sister and husband was fun and we have good memories of all that...joking on WHY exactly did we do this?

I wish I could put my finger on exactly what was wrong...getting up at 3:15, different foods, not 100% since the stomach flu, flying (dizzies)...but I was nauseated from the start and had to pee again by mile 1. The roadways were so crowded that it was hard to keep a good pace but we tried our best to mile 2 which was mostly roads blocked 1/2 off for us behind Epcot. We ran off the sidewalks into the wet grassy areas for much of it in the beginning and dodged walkers sometimes going 5 accrossed for some of it too. It was humid (for me at least) and I was getting more and more agitated with my nagging problems of nausea and having to pee! Even my shirt neck was choking me. I wanted to stop and go, but the porta pots had lines and I hadnt given up on my goal of 2:10 at this point.

By mile 6 I was ready to stop, but knowing that my poor parents had gotten up at 5:45 to go to the grandstand to see me, and were expecting me by 8:35 kept me going...I pictured them with my brother and his wife ready to cheer us on. By the time we reached The Magic Kingdom, we found a park bathroom and I felt a little better - and I ate a few Shot blocks to get some energy (I hoped) I was soaked thru with sweat. Hubby and I posed for a few pix hand in hand. Much of the run was a blur, but running thru Cinderellas castle was a highlight and down Main st. USA. People cheering, bands playing, signs being held up and in the back of my parents are waiting. One water stop, someone thru their water down right on my sneeker. (thanks) then further down the road, someone spit in my direction and I dodged that! ha ha. There were a few hills that were unexpected . Probably the last 3 miles Hubbys mantra to me was "you can do this, you've done this before, you're doing great - keep it going , your parents are going to be so proud....I'm proud of you..." all the while his knees are hurting and he's still running after NEVER going more than 8 miles before.

I was kicking myself for being so WUSSY. Once I realized that I wasnt going to make the time, I tried to relax and forget the whole TIME thing and just enjoy the experience and tried to zone out from all the problems I felt. So the last 2 miles, was walk running with grimacing pains...Hubby said to save the last in me for the grandstand so I'd look strong for the finish....again - with the self talk and pats on the back...what a guy. I could see the finish and I had to hold back the tears, the last 1/4 mile I found and energy in me that I had no clue I had and took off knowing my parents were cheering us on and Hubby took off after me completely blown away that I had it in me too! ha ha. Funny thing is, my parents NEVER saw us finish. Long story there, they didnt get into the grandstand, they were standing for 3 hours and with so many people finishing, they just didnt see us! NOOOOOOOOO. We limped towards the awards, got our gold Donalds! (so cool) and food and collapsed on the bus back to our resort! We met up with everyone soon after. So proud of my sister, what a huge accomplishment and Hubby too. He was/is my rock!! thanks for all your support!