Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actively injured

So after a wonderful summer of running, I am on the "active injured list" with another stress fracture of the tibia (lower leg near inside of ankle) . The good news is no boot OR crutches this time. The bad news it happened again and we aren't really sure WHY. I am using orthotics, I have the correct shoes (we think) and I thought I was eating enough calcium. My Dexa scan a year ago showed I had the bones of a 20 year old :) The doc wants me to eat 1600 mg of calcium daily so this will take some major juggling unless I can get some thru supplements.

I am supposed to keep up with my regular running schedule except do it in the pool or bike. So, luckily I am pool running. I feel it is a harder workout than on land but a whole lot more boring. I'll have to bring out some tunes or something soon!